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Concentrates Explained 

Concentrate this is a term used often when describing cannabis products but what does it mean? Concentrate is an umbrella term for any form of cannabis that has been processed to be more potent than the original form (flower/bud).  For example tinctures, wax, crumble, oil, hash, kief, rosin, dabs, bho,  all described as concentrates. here is a simple explanation of the most commonly used names for these products. Please note these are gerneal guidelines, there are many ways to concentrate cannabis all are not described below;


Tincture: a liquid medium holds the cannabinoids suspended for administration. Medium can be alcohol or oil (Hashman tinctures are sunflower oil based, Care by Design are coconut oil based). If tincture is placed under the tongue and absorbed through the bloodstream this is considered a sublingual delivery system and will produce quicker onset of effects, if the tincture is consumed by eating/digestion the effects are more similar to an edible in length of time to feel onset of effects.

Wax: also an umbrella term for concentrates, this is a highly concentrated form of cannabis, generally refers to BHO (butane hash oil) or Co2 extracted cannabis, can come in a variety of consistency’s detailed below

Crumble: a consistency of concentrate that is  dry and sometimes sandlike in appearance, very versatile, sometimes hard to handle, (color and dryness of “crumble” varies greatly!)

Oil: color varies depending on process used to extract cannabis (from clear to yellow) mostly C02 extracted, this consistency is runny and highly concentrated sometimes this product will have added terpenes for more flavor and smell, usually distillate is also referred to as “oil.” Clarifying how the product was made/extracted will determine what method was used

Hash: the resin collected from the cannabis flowers another general term for cannabis concentrates usually associated with a more natural extraction process ({ice} water extraction or solvent less), other methods of extracting include shake screens, butane, CO2, alcohol **

Kief: resin collected from the cannabis flower using micro screens to collect the finer cannabinoids that have separated from the  flowers and plant materials 

Rosin: a form of extraction using pressure and heat to separate cannabinoids from the flower or  plant material, the end product varies greatly in appearance; Flower rosin is generally darker in color and wet/oily in appearance; Kief rosin generally will have a more shatter like appearance and lighter in color 

Dabs: a general term, highly potent concentrates, usually will be vaporized with either a dab rig or vape pen, the term comes from the need to only use a small amount to receive the same benefits as consuming flower, there are a wide variety of options within this category of cannabis products 

Vape Cartridges (Vapes): the cannabis plant  has been extracted into a concentrated form of oil consistency and dispensed into (usually) disposable cartridges, this application  gives patients extra ease of use for discretion and travel 


**it is always best to clarify with the supplier about the products extraction process