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About Us

Growers Direct collective runs from a very simple philosophy “heal thyself”. We use the most organic processes to grow the medicine we provide and strive to improve a persons quality of life through this process. We encourage you to begin to research and discover for yourself the effects of pesticides amongst other chemicals commonly used on plants today and their effects on human health as well as the ecosystems and you will begin to understand the long journey that led to our growing methods and practices.

How can we produce medicine that is going to heal if its doused in harmful chemicals? Its really always been our passion to help people and this is why we are able to work with so many different patient needs and constrictions. We have special compassion for people who need marijuana to control seizures, persons going through cancer treatment, persons with PTSD, and terminally ill patients.

As part of our commitment to our patients we continue to educate ourselves with the most current information regarding specific strain’s and their benefits, different methods of ingestion, laws relating to patients access and legality (local, state, federal). We also support many pro-patient organizations and support the reclassification of marijuana from a schedule 1 drug so that further medical research can be performed to discover more treatments for more diseases. We strive to offer our patients the best medicine at a fair and honest price.

We are always learning and adapting our methods based on new and improved knowledge from master growers and applying these methods to our garden to truly inspire the plant to be the best it can be. We believe by letting this process occur and letting the plants reach their full potential that the patient will have the best result and experience the most benefits from the plant.

We are always striving to improve ourselves and our business to continue to offer our patients with the most high quality medicine at compassionate prices. if you have ideas of how we can improve to better meet your needs please let us know!